Tools & Resources

In keeping with our mission to make Innovation a grassroots competency, we work with an accessible set of Innovation Assessments and Tools

Our toolbox is a key component to our facilitated innovation workshops and training

Organisational Innovation Assessment

The Invitro Innovation – Innovation Assessment is designed to measure the state of innovation in your company or team. The Assessment is completed individually through an online survey.

The Assessment asks individuals to rate the organisation on the 4 keys of Innovation:innovframework

Innovation Skills Assessment

For individuals to make a valuable contribution to innovation they require competencies in 4 key areas:

  1. Idea generation
  2. Risk Taking
  3. Managing Relationships
  4. Implementation Skills.

This online Innovation Skills Assessment asks individuals to evaluate themselves based on a set of behaviour and mindset questions that span the 4 skill areas.

Innovation Skills Assessment


Innovation Cards

Questions and Provocations to open up possibilities for Innovation

This set of 18 Innovation cards will help your team discover your Innovation Challenge and empower them to generate fresh ideas to solve your problem.

These Innovation cards work in sequence as a set of Provocations and Questions so that your team can generate both product and service ideas.


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Preview Cards Here

Some Companies who are using these Innovation Cards



Brand Cards

Questions and Provocations to discover a Purposeful Brand Vision

The new marketing reality demands that we promise much more than a unique set of benefits but provide an emotional higher order purpose for consumers to buy into.

This set of 18 Brand Vision cards will lead your team on a journey to discover opportunity spaces for your purposeful brand vision.


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Buy Digital Set for USD$14.99

Preview Cards Here

Some Companies who are using these Brand Cards


The Innovation Toolbox

Innovation Management Tools

Individual tools and exercises which build innovation capacity in teams

Discover your barriers to Innovation

View / download Cultural barriers worksheet

Define your Innovation strategy focus

View / download Best in class example: Mayo Clinic case with Strategy Worksheet

Measure the state of Innovation in your organisation

View / download Innovation Assessment tool

Innovation Process Tools

Individual tools and exercises which create opportunities for new ideas

Experience Mapping

Develop deep empathy for your customer
View / download Experience Map example and Worksheet

Define your Innovation Challenges

These are well defined opportunity territories
View / download Innovation Challenge examples and Worksheet

Ideation Tools

Apply an ideation tool to your innovation challenges
View / download Ideation Tool examples and Worksheet