Learning Experiences

We build capability and confidence to participate in Innovation through hands on learning experiences


that we all can contribute to innovation

a complex topic using a simple Innovation framework

weave relevant best in case examples to illustrate key lessons

tools and frameworks

application of process and tools

These are some of the Learning TOPICS we can customize for your team:


A rapid fire introduction to Innovation fundamentals


This half-day program is a rapid fire, experiential introduction to Innovation for employees across the organization. This crash course demonstrates why all organisations must Innovate, what kinds of corporate behaviours and mindsets support innovation and empowers participants with a 3 step Innovation process to generate ideas on how to build a culture of innovation in the organisation.

After this session participants will:

Key Outcome:

  • Participants will be able to adjust their personal behaviours and mindset to support Innovation
  • Will understand some of the cultural barriers to innovation within the organisation
  • Will develop ideas on how to promote an Innovation culture

+ Download Crash Course in Innovation Program Outline 


Conduct an Innovation Assessment and put in place key Innovation Interventions

2 days

This 2 day program provides a comprehensive guide to the cultural as well as practical aspects of driving Innovation within the Organisation.

This interactive workshop provides a structured Innovation Framework from which to assess your Innovation progress on Innovation Strategy, Innovation Culture, Innovation Process and Tools and Innovation Pipeline of ideas.
Key Outcome:

  • Distinguish between the various types of Innovation that are available for organisations and the impact on success.
  • Appreciate the role of the leader in managing innovation activities and acquire guidance on how to support and guide staff to contribute to the implementation of organisational innovation strategies.
  • Gain a real world appreciation for the cultural challenges of driving innovation in organisations from two leaders in the field of Innovation Management: Mayo Clinic and Whirlpool.
  • Apply the Innovation Culture learning to your organisational context.
  • Evaluate your Organisation’s Innovation Management weakness by using our proprietary Innovation Assessment tool.
  • Compile a ready to go Innovation Action Plan.

+ Download the Program Outline

+ Download the MAYO CLINIC Innovation Case Summary


Be ready to change the way you think and work!

1 or 2 days

It is no longer the domain of the talented few to conjure up the next big idea, but rather the new competitive reality demands that all staff contribute to solution finding. This 1 or 2 day Training introduces the key concepts of Creativity as they apply to solution finding in a corporate context. The workshop is primarily experiential in nature where participants learn by fully experiencing the creative process

Key Outcomes:

  • Participants will appreciate that business as usual and rational approaches are not enough in the new business landscape.
  • Embrace the messy nature of the creative process.
  • Develop a new attitude to failure and find safe ways to make productive mistakes in their job/ department.
  • Know how to apply the problem solving framework to problems.
  • Apply a structure creative problem-solving framework to business challenges.

+ Download the CREATIVITY & INNOVATION Program Outline


Think like a Designer to find better quality solutions

2 days

The premise of Design Thinking is that: If we approached problems in the same way designers approach design, we can find better solutions.

This 2 Day Training introduces the key concepts of Design Thinking to non-Designers and empowers them with a 5 step Design Thinking process that can be applied to any challenge or opportunity. The training equips learners with detailed knowledge so that they can put the Design Thinking Process into Action. This training is best delivered to a multi-functional group of up to 24 learners.

Key Outcome:

  • Appreciate the design thinking mind-set and how it may
    differ from the existing organisational culture.
  • An ability to explore an issue deeply from a human rather than
    organizational perspective and to discover better quality solutions.
  • Know how to leverage on cross-functional collaboration
    to produce quality innovation outputs.

+ Download Design Thinking Program Outline


Develop the 4 critical Innovators skills: Generating Ideas, Risk Taking, Relationships and Implementation

2 days

For individuals to make a valuable contribution to innovation in an organisational context they require competencies in 4 key areas:
Idea generation, Risk Taking, Managing Relationships and Implementation Skills. This 2 day program introduces participants to the 4 capabilities of Innovators. Participants are given the opportunity to evaluate themselves in each of the 4 skill areas and to put a learning plan into action to develop those skills.

Key Outcome:

  • Understand the multiple skills and mindsets of Innovators.
  • Know individual innovation skill strengths and weakness.
  • Walk away with an individual learning plan to develop areas of weakness.

+ Download the Innovation Skills Pre-Assessment Survey