Innovation Events

We create company wide participation in Innovation through hands-on innovation workshops


to your innovation objectives


case studies and relevant examples

tools and frameworks

application of frameworks to your context

These are some of the Workshops and Innovation Events we facilitate:


Fire up company wide innovation participation

A great way to kickstart your Innovation Journey with a large scale Innovation event accessible to all staff.

During this event staff will be:

  • Excited as to the possibilities of Innovation and why they must innovate.
  • Inspired to embrace an Innovation Mindset in their daily lives.
  • Empowered with a simple Innovation process and will apply the simple process to pre-selected Opportunity or Innovation Challenges.

Key Outcome:
Through their active participation in solving real Innovation challenges, employees start to see themselves as capable contributors to innovation.

+ Download Innovation Day Program Agenda


Innovate in Playmode

Playstorms are Innovation Experiences which put us in play rather than workmode, so that we can create new ideas more freely. Playstorms are less about physical environments and more about the creation of a mindspace where individuals can feel free to explore a challenge through playful interaction and be energized to imagine new possibilities.

Playstorms are an effective way to get Innovation contributions from employees for 2 key reasons:
1) PARTICIPATION – Play pulls people in to participate and to add their voice.
2) IMAGINATION – Play breaks down our defenses and opens our minds.

We have experience facilitating all scales of PLAYSTORMS.

Key Outcome:
Open minds to new possibilities, build creative confidence, drive full participation in idea generation, a great Ideation experience!

+ View Slideshare on Playstorms


Gather rich and diverse ideas from across the organisation, fast!

If you are tired of the same set of incremental ideas and want to challenge assumptions about your business and your customers , this structured ideation session will:

  • Get the creativity flowing
  • Help generate a diverse set of contributions from across expertise and levels of experience.

We have experience facilitating all scales of ideations, including mega events with up to 1000 participants.

Key Outcome:
Generate hundreds of ideas for real Innovation Challenges, vote and develop the strongest ideas for implementation.

+ Download a sampling of Ideation Content Slides


Apply design thinking’s human-centred approach to solve challenges collaboratively

The premise of Design Thinking is that: If we approached problems in the same way designers approach design, we can find better solutions.

This 2 Day Workshop introduces the key concepts of Design Thinking to non-Designers and empowers them with a 5 step Design Thinking process that can be applied to Deep Dive into a specific challenge or opportunity area.

The workshop equips participants with Key Outcomes:

  • Appreciate the design thinking mind-set and how it may differ to existing organisational culture.
  • See your challenge or opportunity from a human perspective.
  • Master the design thinking 5-step process and apply the tools and techniques to solve an issue.
  • Leverage on cross-functional collaboration to produce a quality Design Thinking inspired solution.

+ Download Design Thinking Outline


Define a Purpose-made brand for the new Human Era

This 2 day workshop introduces the key concepts of Human Era marketing and demonstrates the value of deepening a brand definition beyond a Brand Promise / Positioning to be more Purpose-made. We believe that being a Human Era company is more than a strategic option; it is increasingly recognised as an essential way of approaching business in our connected digital age. Our hope with this training is to provide a Brand Innovation Roadmap to empower brand managers and marketers to embark on this transition.

Key Outcome:

  • Embrace a new way of thinking about their Brand from an Institutional brand to a Human Era brand.
  • We empowered with a simple Brand Innovation Roadmap to discover your Brand Purpose.
  • Master tools and techniques within the Brand Innovation Roadmap.

+ Preview a thought piece on Purpose-made branding (link to Slide-share)

+ Download a Brand Workshop Outline 


Define a unifying and future-centred Vision to guide organizational behaviours

This collaborative workshop is designed to help senior leaders define a Strategic Vision with complementary Corporate Values.

A strong Strategic Vision not only finds common ground between all stakeholders it defines a future-centred purpose for the organisation.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identify a Vision opportunity space seen through the 3 lenses of The Company, The Customer and The Category space
  • Define the Purposeful vision in a way that connects with all stakeholders
  • Identify ways to bring the vision to life through organizational ways of working as well as commercial outputs such as products and services

+ Download Strategic Visioning Workshop Outline